Rebuilt Wine Red skinned Polaroid SLR 680 Camera with new 3D Printed Upper Housing


The SLR 680 is the Polaroid camera all of the serious Polaroid photographers wanted. Many of the SLR680 camera you will find online have broken and chipped upper housings around the flash area, which of course is no longer being manufactured. This camera has a new 3D printed upper housing front around the flash and sonar using Nylon material rather than the more fragile ABS plastic.

Camera includes a new Polaroid Frog's Tongue, installed.

The camera was manufactured in 1982 through to 1987. It has the folding body of the SX70, but with the Sonar Autofocus found on the SX70 Sonar AND a Flash built in too!

The 680 uses the faster Style 600 film (new available from Polaroid), rather than the earlier 160 films used in the SX70 and SX70 Sonar. Allowing for a wider variety of photography situations.

This Polaroid SLR 680 camera has been fully disassembled, all parts tested, replaced as needed and assembled to return it to it's mid 80's start of life.

When you look through the viewfinder, a light pressure activates the autofocus and you see in real time what your focusing on. This allows you to adjust a little if you are looking for something else in focus versus blurry (great for depth photography).

You can bypass the automation to manually adjust the exposure, the focus and turn off the flash if needed for your special photo needs.

The lens is a glass 4 element f8 116mm. The auto exposure is capable of a range of f8 to f22. Allowing for photographing items as close as 10 inches away to infinite.

After rebuilding and testing, this SLR680 was updated with new wine red skins. Not only does it work great, it stands out when being used or sitting on a display shelf. Standard for this model is the threaded tripod mount hold built in and rear neck strap connectors. (Ret)

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I do not offer a refund on any of the cameras I sell. For the Polaroid cameras, I do offer to repair or replace a camera if it has issues within 6 months from purchase date. While I do a final test after assembling the camera by taking actual print photos, these are vintage cameras so little parts can fail after a short time. When this happens, please contact me so I know about the issue, then ship the camera to me. As long as the camera only shows normal wear, no abuse or changes to the camera from how I shipped it, I will either repair the camera or replace it at no charge to you. I will also pay to ship the camera back to you.

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