I find, I upgrade, I actually use, then I offer the fun to you.

Cameras, lamps and other fun of yesteryear live happily in our home. We are always out looking for new to us additions. Buying vintage items online has proven to have more disappointments than joy. Cameras listed as 'working' can mean little more than the seller pushed the shutter button and something happened. Often, that has meant that a item I have been looking for ends up not being usable. I like to use the vintage items! To help others not have to go through the many disappointments on the way to finding what they are looking for, I offer yesteryear items that actually work to be sure they live up to my expectations. This doesn't always mean items are restored to 100% original vintage parts, it does mean that items sold can be used without worrying. It's about the fun of yesteryear things that you may have owned or wanted in your hands can now be used again.

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