Autofocus Polaroid 660 - refreshed, cleaned, tested and Upcycled with Red and Gold


This camera creates either Color or Black-and-White prints depending on the film cartridge you use. Next to the camera is a photo I just took using New Color Polaroid Originals film.

I have cleaned the rollers, lenses, viewfinder, shutter buttons/springs, photo print feed, flash - as well checked and replaced internal components as needed. Then, I updated coloring with a Red face and Gold accents around the lens and viewfinder matching the original autofocus sonar gold circle.

The Polaroid 660 is the higher end 'Pro' version of the 600 line. These cameras have sonar auto focus (like the famous folding SX70 Sonar camera) and a flash built in. On top of the camera are indicators to show when the flash is charging and when charged/ready. The battery for the flash and all the workings of the camera is contained inside of the film cartridge so there is no worries about leaking batteries.

On the front of the camera is a slider to adjust for when the background of your subject is over bright/dark.

The shutter button has a second button that allows a photo to be taken without the flash. Also, unique to the 660 is a button under the flash to turn off the auto focus. A handy feature when you want to take a picture through a window. You wouldn't want the flash reflecting or the auto focus taking a picture of the glass.

The Polaroid 660 uses the 600 style film cartridges. New film is being made by Polaroid Originals (they have all kinds of fun options) in both Color and Black-and-White prints.

The factory adjustable neck strap and view finder eye piece are both in great shape. The camera also has a tripod screw mount hole in the bottom for those special still shots.

I have posted the manuals for Polaroid cameras on my site:

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Repair/Replace 6 month warranty.
I do not offer a refund on any of the cameras I sell. For the Polaroid cameras, I do offer to repair or replace a camera if it has issues within 6 months from purchase date. While I do a final test after assembling the camera by taking actual print photos, these are vintage cameras so little parts can fail after a short time. When this happens, please contact me so I know about the issue, then ship the camera to me. As long as the camera only shows normal wear, no abuse or changes to the camera from how I shipped it, I will either repair the camera or replace it at no charge to you. I will also pay to ship the camera back to you.

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