Rebuilt Original Polaroid 600 OneStep Business Pro 2 With Close Up Lens and Upcycled with Yellow


When Polaroid moved from the original Boxy Sun 600 to a more roundly body, they went to a gray body. This special edition Business 2 has a deep black body. The yellow is a bit of personalized upcycling I did when I had the camera apart.

I have gone through this camera as I do with any Polaroid I sell, replacing worn parts as needed to return the features to what they where when Polaroid released the camera. The “Pro” 600 has a red shutter button, tripod hole on the bottom and adjustable neck strap. Also, the viewfinder eye price has a plastic cover to keep dust out.

This camera shoots both Color and Black-and-White film depending on the film cartridge you use. The print next to the camera was just taken with this camera using New Color type 600 film from Polaroid.

The flash is powered through the battery in the film cartridge so there is no worries of leaking batteries. This version of the Polaroid 600 has a second shutter button so you can take pictures with or without the flash. On top of the camera is the indicator that shows when the flash is ready.

The regular Polaroid 600 takes pictures of things 4 feet or further away. This model has a Close Up lens built in. When used, it is possible to take pictures between 2 and 4 feet away too.

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