Rebuilt Polaroid SX70 SE Sonar Autofocus special black body - Updated to use 600 Film Cartridges and New Blue Skins


This is a fully rebuilt Polaroid SX70 Sonar Autofocus Blue Button Special Edition - black body (the regular SX70 Sonar was silver) camera with new blue coverings. After rebuilding this Polaroid SX-70 Sonar, it has had it’s electronics updated for the use of 600 Style instant film from Polaroid.

Camera includes a new Polaroid frogs tongue, installed.

The normal SX-70 Sonar uses the SX70 Style film, which is fine. But, the 600 film is much faster (and currently Polaroid Originals offers a lot of frame choices for the 600 line only). The need to use 600 film is why most people move from a SX-70 to the SLR680. The 600 film makes it easier to shoot in a variety of lighting situation and catch moving things too.

The SX-70 Sonar offers a famous package of features:
- You see exactly what your taking a picture of, the view finder looks through the front photo lens
- The sonar auto focus (you can turn it off) will focus on items down to a foot out to infinity.
- The shutter auto adjusts from 1/175 second to 5 seconds
- Auto aperture adjusts from f8 to f22 (you can manually adjust too, which creates fun results with the 600 film)
- Glass lens is 116mm f8, 4 element

A light pressure on the shutter button activates the Sonar Autofocus so you can see what will be in focus in your final print (great for depth photography).

The SX70 Sonar was originally released in 1978 ($250 in 1978 dollars = $1050 in 2021). It is fun to finally be able to afford the camera that was out of the budget back in the late 70s.

I have scans of the original manuals available on my site: (doc)

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I do not offer a refund on any of the cameras I sell. For the Polaroid cameras, I do offer to repair or replace a camera if it has issues within 6 months from purchase date. While I do a final test after assembling the camera by taking actual print photos, these are vintage cameras so little parts can fail after a short time. When this happens, please contact me so I know about the issue, then ship the camera to me. As long as the camera only shows normal wear, no abuse or changes to the camera from how I shipped it, I will either repair the camera or replace it at no charge to you. I will also pay to ship the camera back to you.

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